Where is my website?

Are you having trouble getting found by new customers?

There are many factors that affect your rise to the top of page 1 organic google search results, regardless of your industry or competition.

These are not in any particular order – they are all important.

  • Amount and quality of content on each web page
  • Google indexing of new content for your site
  • Website Speed (load time) (see website terminology post)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Google reviews
  • Directories and Social Sites Connected — this helps with relevance
  • Google My Business Verified

There is no quick-fix way to get your site to jump to the top of the search page. Your competition, the name of your business, adding new content, blogging and social media activity…

So let’s start a conversation. After I know a bit about your business, then we can start planning the best path to approach first to accomplish your goals.

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