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Graphics produced for your website often are not high enough resolution to satisfy the dpi requirement for great quality printed materials. If you are looking to build original content for your website, make sure the graphics are compatible for other uses like power point presentations and printed materials.

Website designers are not always trained to know the requirements for submitting artwork to a printer or creating graphics in a vector format so they can be used in a variety of ways. Does your web designer have graphic design experience? It is possible to be the best web developer and not be skilled in graphic design. Make sure you ask a few questions before you assume anything.

Before you hire any designer to create your brochure, you should ask a few important questions.

Have had challenges with other graphic designers not finishing the job?

More times than I can count people have come to me for help with “fuzzy graphics.” Sometimes it was because they tried to copy images from the internet and make it their own. More than a few people brought me their $5 logo from Fivver wanting to make banners or signs, and the saddest instances were when the business owner was deserted by their designer and left only with a small .jpg file of their logo – and I am talking postage stamp size.

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