Our #1 Goal

To help the business owner who needs promotional materials or is looking to create more revenue or higher profits for their business with marketing campaigns.

Appletree Advertising has been operating for 17+ years in the Sacramento area.

Every business needs to be found on Google, but not every business needs to run google ads! We are happy to discuss all the options for reaching your target market, and the related cost comparisons. We have taken additional education in Organic Search Engine Optimization. Before you run any online ads, you need to know how your website is performing. We help you identify the key words and phrases that will attract the target audience you are looking for.

To be truly successful with an advertising campaign or any marketing materials you produce, a business must identify their primary buyer, and identify their needs and desires. Sometimes this takes a little research. It would be impossible to advertise to “everyone”. When you identify the core market that uses or needs your product, you will be more successful in your advertising.

Education, Experience and a little History

Appletree Advertising founder, Andrea Raymond, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Advertising Design from The Academy of Art College, San Francisco in 1990.

As I was finishing college, Apple and Pagemaker were the newest technology, so at my first job, that is what they had for me to use. The agency where I worked was in a constant “race against technology”, and and lot of watching the little hourglass symbol as I waited for my full page newspaper ad to print, or a photoshop file to process. Then came The Internet. Yes, I am that old.

So after 25 years after graduation, I am fulfilling my dream of running my own business and working with a lot of interesting clients. Even with the proliferation of social media and website marketing, I still design brochures, postcards and other items for printing. They predicted the web would kill all pieces of paper. It has done a whopping job putting a lot of print companies out of business, but print is not dead yet.

Why is our name Appletree?

The name Appletree Advertising was initially formed during college when I worked as a freelancer. My family name (Manzano) means appletree in Spanish, and the name stuck with me through the years. It seemed rhythmical, so it was made to be. There never was any correlation with the Apple computer, although that has been my choice of platform since those college days.

After freelancing, and working temporary jobs, I gained over 8 years of experience at a full service ad agency, and learned the details of creating campaigns, working with a team, creating different types of media.

Appletree Advertising was re-formed part-time while during the young years of starting our family. In 2003, with added parenting smarts, Appletree Advertising started the transformation into the full-time design & marketing agency it is today.

Giving Back, Working with Non-Profits

Parent Advocate, PTA Mom

Andrea Raymond has served as a PTA Board Member at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Volunteering and being part of the school community was very important to give my kids the sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves and our family. In my daughter’s high school years, I served as the Debate Mom Chaperone and Judge for our Rosemont High School Debate Team. It was exciting to watch these young people debate topics that most adults won’t touch with a ten foot pole. I learned as much as they did, and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

I also have the experience of raising a son on the autistic spectrum with my husband of 27 years. During his school years, I dedicated myself to advocating and learning to help my son. This is a job that has no end, but I wouldn’t trade our experiences – they have shaped me into the person I am today. My family is my top priority, and the clients I serve in my business are extremely important. I am deeply appreciative that I get to help people with their business goals and they help me fulfill mine.