Are you overwhelmed thinking about updating your website?

You are a busy business owner. Your strengths may not lie in the area of web design and that is OK.

A lot of business owners get their website built, and then go on business as usual. Sometimes your website is not an integral part of your sales process, but you can bet your prospects are out there researching you!

If you have a WordPress website that is not being updated regularly, you are putting your website at risk for a hacker intrusion. There are many ways for your website to be hacked, let’s not make it easy for them.

Contact Appletree for a complimentary marketing consultation to determine your website needs.

We would love an opportunity to help you through the process of updating your website, but first, you should feel comfortable talking with a web designer. If a web designer is not asking you a lot of questions and communicating openly about their process, it is time to get a second opinion.

Our services are simple: Help you keep your website up-to-date for better search results, and to increase your profitability.