Top Ten Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing can still be an effective tool for most businesses. When connected with your social media accounts, you can increase your reach for referrals and educate new prospects about your business. 

My Top Ten Email Marketing Tips:

  1. Have your email list in a properly formatted excel or google docs file for exporting to .csv
  2. Be specific with your audience – tag contacts for grouping. For example, don’t send a special offer for new customers to your current customer list.
  3. Keep your newsletters short – 3 topics max and a call to action
  4. Every email should have a goal. For example: Educate my existing customers about a special offer with a deadline.
  5. Each story/topic should have at least one link back to a page on your website or to social media
  6. Display contact information clearly
  7. Tell the reader what to do by asking permission
  8. Craft a compelling subject line without being “spammy”
  9. Track the results of each email, further customize contacts with new information for follow up and future emails
  10. Work 30 minutes a week on brainstorming ideas for future email news content

Are you using Constant Contact or Mail Chimp?

These web based email applications allow you to make customized layouts for your mailings, and gives you important tracking info for each message sent.

Appletree offers training and setup packages to help you get started.

If you would like to learn more about email marketing or customizing the look of your business emails, let’s have a conversation. You can reach us at 916-364-1582. 

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